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Your Money Mindset Will Sabotage Growth

We used to feel that since we were in business to impact lives that we shouldn’t focus on making money as much.

We wanted to see marriedpreneurs win and watch them build empires that impacted countless lives.

But at the same time, there was an internal struggle for us. Deep down inside, we wanted to make a lot of money along the way.

Our scarcity mindset blocked us for YEARS. The internal war was paralyzing and we couldn’t expect others to buy at a rate that we ourselves didn’t believe we deserved. It was kinda like a self-sabotage mission.

After years of going around the same ‘mountain’, We realized how toxic our money mindset had been. We knew we needed to make a change in how we were thinking…quickly.

Our first plan of action was to change our environment.

We didn’t know fully what that meant or how it would look but we knew that it HAD to happen.

We started sacrificing and investing in coaches that thought differently and expected differently from us.

We joined strategic masterminds where we felt like the ‘dumbest’ ones in the group.
The new conflict came when we started to believe that lie.
We shrunk back.
This started another vicious cycle…
But this one didn’t last nearly as long.

By surrounding ourselves with those who thought differently, we began to quickly see how to pull ourselves out of that mental rut.

We just modeled how they thought.

We started asking ourselves like, “How would ___________respond to this situation?”

The shift began and is continually changing how we operate our businesses and impact others.

Yes, our focus is absolutely to change lives, but along the way, we intend to reap every bit of what we work for…leaving nothing behind.

We are deeply grateful for having amazing mentors and mastermind buddies who believe in us and will hold us to the fire to produce what is inside of us!

If you don’t have that, you’re working too hard at it.
It’s likely you’re leaving money on the table and you’re diluting your impact.

Blessings and Abundance,





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