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Wind Down Checklist For Busy Marriedpreneurs

Have you ever felt guilty for working during your date night or special time together?

If so, you’re in good company!

We all have likely done that.

Team JacksonIt’s as if we just had one more hour or a little extra time to finish the project before wrapping up….right?

Or maybe yours isn’t so obvious. Perhaps you desire to ‘stop work,’ but your brain won’t stop working. Have you been there?



You can be present with your spouse on a date or in a convo but not genuinely present because of your mental work being done.

Do you know one of the best tools to take control of this common issue?

Create a winddown checklist!

What is a winddown checklist? It’s a series of steps needed to get your mind to close the open loops, pause from work, and pivot to being fully present with your spouse.

This wind-down method can look different for so many people because we all need something a little different. But some similarities are across the board!

For example:

  1. Email shut down. Starting your email shutdown process 30 minutes to an hour before the day ends is a great way to set expectations for yourself.
  2. Expectations For Others: In your email signature, inform others of the last time your email is checked for the day in an auto-reply. Assure them you will reply the next business day.
  3. Pausing new items: Taking on big tasks near the end of the business day is a recipe for overstepping your bounds. Instead, if it’s after a certain hour, consider just setting it up for the next business day.

These are just a few examples of setting up tools to more easily transition between the two lanes of marriage and business each day.



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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,