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Wifepreneur Wisdom: NORMAL Doesn’t Mean HEALTHY!

Wives play a significant role in the marriedprenuer journey.

We wear many hats and often have different capacities and wiring than our husbands. We often find ourselves ensuring everyone is good and has what they need, but we leave ourselves out of that number.

If we continue this way because it’s the only path we’ve known, we begin to believe that our normal is healthy. 

❌ But something can be normal and toxic.



My hope for you today, from one wifepreneur to another, is to create space to refuel how you need to be refueled. This likely looks different than what your husband needs to refuel.

Here are some benefits of personal refueling time:

  • Discover yourself: What do you personally enjoy doing? After years of serving your family and others, it’s easy to lose touch with what refuels you now.
  • Quiet Your Mind: If you’re anything like me, my mind is constantly going. I’m always thinking of ways to do something better or simply do something that must be done. I struggle to quiet my mind daily, but it is a goal.
  • Meditate and Prayer: I’ve found that there is nothing more important than time spent in Prayer with Jesus. Deep gratitude fills my heart and recenters me to live in light of eternity (again).

When I return to my husband and all of my other business responsibilities, I am revived with a new sense of clarity. I encourage you to use this new month to realign so you have more to pour into the lives of those who matter most.

This practice didn’t happen overnight. It took time and consistent systems to streamline my business operations. If this is something you need to do…

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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,