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Wifepreneur Tip: How To Create More Headspace Even With A Full Schedule

As a Wifepreneur, we know how FULL days can be.

After a while, the momentum can become intoxicating but, at the same time, exhausting.

If you feel me, this article is for you!

Team ThomasBeing exhausted isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing. It becomes unhealthy if that’s a never-ending state. That won’t work.

Exhaustion, at times, has with it a sense of accomplishment; in those instances, we’ve knocked it out of the park!



But let’s be real. No one LIKES getting close to “E.” For starters, we can’t show up as our best in that state.

There’s a need to have a buffer between phases of the day to keep the mind flowing in the same direction. I like to call this ‘headspace.’

And when I say I am a different woman when I have space to think, I’m not exaggerating.

Here are a few practices I’ve added to my routine to support me in creating consistent ‘Headspace’ in my days and, as a result, supporting my husband to do the same.

  1. Prioritize Priorities: Everything can’t be #1. Everything can’t make the top of the list. Practicing what matters most daily is a game-changer because it gives me space to breathe.
  2. Phase It Out: In my current Dream Work Week, I phase out my days to do projects together so my mind is working in the same area vs. bouncing from supporting my husband to consulting to organizing ministry initiatives. That’s too much. Discipline the day.
  3. Play To My Energy Flow: I can either be oblivious to it and try to force myself to work on tasks that don’t match my energy, OR I can work to plan my initiatives to match my energy during a specific time of day. Note: This is most challenging for those in a 9-5, but it’s great to be self-aware with the flexibility you DO have.

The right headspace creates opportunities to be with your thoughts without feeling rushed. This goes against the popular belief of productivity in getting as much done in the least amount of time.

This focuses on getting the RIGHT things done in the least amount of time.



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