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Wife-preneur Tip: Stay In Your Genius Zone + Wealth Roles

Are you living in your Zone of Genius right now, or are you filling your time doing tasks that drain you?

As a wife and keeper of the home, we wear many hats that, if not careful, we can find ourselves putting out fires throughout the day and never have the energy (or time) to get to the real meat of what we’re called to do.

This not only impacts you personally but everyone in your home.

Team Jackson

Have you ever noticed that when you are personally in alignment, the home gets in alignment? And vice versa. If you’re drained and scattered, it shows up in the home.

Have you heard the saying, if you don’t care for yourself, you’ll be no good for anyone else?

Likewise, as a wife, if we don’t stay aligned in our Zone of Genius, we can’t help our husband lead by example.



First, to be sure we’re on the same page, let’s dive into what a Zone of Genius is.

In his book The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks shares his Zones of Genius Framework.

Your Zone of Genius mixes your talents, skills, and strengths. According to Hendricks, the sweet spot is found where all three overlap.

You can find the framework below.

Framework Graphic

Hendricks teaches there are four different Zones in which we can spend time. The goal is to spend the most time in the genius Zone.

The 4 Zones are:

Zone of Incompetence:

  • The most misaligned of the 4 Zones. It wears you out to spend your time here.

Zone of Competence:



  • You may be good at these tasks, but just because you’re good doesn’t mean you should do them. Delegate these.

Zone of Excellence:

  • You can do these tasks exceptionally well, BUT they don’t excite you so you will burn out over time.

Zone of Genius:

  • This is the sweet spot when talents, strengths, and skills connect and you feel ‘alive’ and aligned.

As you can see, we must intentionally stay aligned in our Zones of Genius and help our husbands do the same. In the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems, the Zones of Genius are similar to wealth roles. If you and your hubby want to learn how to create your 2024 marriedpreneur strategic plan together! so you can finally build without being overwhelmed.. .Get on the waitlist here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,