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Why You Need A Marriedpreneur Map

Honestly, we struggled for a while.  

This is what most entrepreneurs don’t talk about.

We often see them online declaring their seamless message, but we have NO idea how much work went into that clarity…

For us, It was tough getting to know our market and understand our dream clients.

We knew WHO  we wanted to serve (married entrepreneurs has always been the constant) but HOW to serve them most efficiently was the tricky part.

We spent a few years defining and redefining our messaging to our dream client.

During this process, we began struggling to put it all together.

Even as our message became stronger, we still struggled with clarifying our message the best way.

On episode #64 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we’re getting pretty transparent about our journey. (At times we wanted to throw in the towel but we’re SO glad we didn’t).

When we started this business journey we started with a beta group that was heavy on the business side. But then we saw such a great need for systems of efficiency, so we revamped and started from the relationship side the following year. But THEN we had couples asking for the business strategies more than relationship systems. So, we rebuilt and refocused to where we are today. (Mind you, this happened over a few years!)

On this journey, we’ve realized three vital areas for married entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business while preserving the marriage … (a happy marriage actually). So, in this episode, we’re covering:

  1. What exact systems are necessary for working together powerfully.
  2. How NOT to give up when hitting a ‘brick wall’ there’s some gold in that lesson.
  3. How to still create clients when you are clarifying your messaging still…it’s so doable!

We sorta took the long way around the block to learning these realities.  Today, we have taken all of our experiences and created the BEST of both worlds for you to accelerate your growth! We’ve created a unique blueprint which is the perfect blend of marriage and marketplace!

Until then,

Keep living powerfully in sync and in purpose

OL & Sway