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Where Are You Spending The Bulk Of Your Energy?

Is your cousin a better singer than you?

Are you a better athlete than your sister?

We all grow up learning about strengths and weaknesses. I can remember being at a family function and hearing the adults say things like “let such and such do the dance, you stand back!”


Our family reunions can become concerts for performances for the ‘talented’ in our families to showcase their strengths and talents. In fact, from school to business we’re encouraged to only focus on our strengths. Far too often, we grow up thinking we have get our weaknesses to become strengths.

It’s like we’re striving for perfection.

This feeling seems to be heightened for married entrepreneurs. I used to think it was important for me ‘fix my weaknesses’ and make them all strength. This idea can cloud our concept of personal development.

Wait! ✋🏽

To be clear, I’m not saying to not don’t fix bad habits. I’m simply saying to not over invest in an area that’s not aligned with your calling.

Do not become obsessed with your so-called weaknesses. Focusing on your non-gifted areas to the extent that they dominate your thoughts will only blind you to your dominant gifts (strengths).

We all know the largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

As long as we’re human we’ll have strengths AND shortcomings.

How many of us feel as though we’ve tapped into the wellspring of our abilities?
Can you honestly say that you’re maximizing your potential?
Do you spend most of your time wishing you could do something more aligned with your gifts?
Are you asked to perform daily tasks that are mundane and present little to no challenge?

Often times we become consumed with our weaknesses because we’re working areas in the business that place little or no demand on our gifts. There’s nothing exciting or sexy about doing something for 40+ hours per week that’s polar opposite from our passion. It’s like that you and your spouse silently suffering because you feel underutilized in your core strengths.

The reality is that we all must do certain things we don’t enjoy in order to do things we do enjoy. This is especially true for the business.

Maybe you like having a VA but you don’t enjoy managing people. Perhaps you love speaking but you dislike researching and preparing for your keynote.

As married entrepreneurs it’s wise to share our likes and dislikes with our spouse. However, we shouldn’t do it like complaining teenagers…lol

Actually, assess what you two are working on and ask yourselves these three questions:
Are we actually building something or are we just occupying time?
Are we going about it in wise way that draws on our core strengths?
Are we spending too much time and energy in areas that never tap into our strengths?

Spend time building something God inspired according to the specifications He gives. Our ability to prosper and thrive in marriage and business will only come as we listen for and implement wisdom. Without wisdom we will operate foolishly and a fool falls prey to his own ignorance every time.

Wisdom is free, just ask.


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