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When God says go….GO!

Three years ago (almost to the day) God instructed my husband and I to immediately move out of our home. The odd part is, He didn’t initially say where to move to.

One year ago today, my beloved father passed.

These two incidents, unbeknownst to me, were intricately connected.

(*quick note: God ALWAYS has a strategy for his Glory. He’s not random. It’s simply not His character).

I’ve asked myself questions like, ‘what if I was there 24 hours sooner, I could have helped. I could have saved my daddy’. ‘What if I got our air tickets to come in just ONE day earlier…what if…?”

Then I remember, I’m not the Savior.
I realize how arrogant I must sound to God that out of the many times that He’s spared lives, that this time His power would be different. This time, it required MY power.
How foolish and small-minded I’ve been.
He is Sovereign and He has a plan.
It’s still unfolding.
I’m still healing.
But I’m moving forward in Him.

When God instructed my husband and I to move from our comfortable home, comfortable neighborhood, comfortable network and comfortable life three years ago we had no idea our obedience would serve as a heart cushion during this season. He instructed us to leave life as we knew it and follow Him (even though I thought that’s what I’d been doing my entire life, clearly it was time for more). He called us to rebuild in the same State my dad lived.

I thought it was ironic.

But as God would have it, over the next two years with my dad He prepared us with greater impartation, special bonding time and my daddy wasn’t alone during his last season on this side of Heaven. It was really a beautifully written love story.

There’s more layers to this thing; I’ll unpack it in time.  But if you’ve read this far, the MAIN takeaway I want to encourage you with is simply this, obey God.
I have no regrets.
We obeyed when we didn’t understand.
We obeyed when it didn’t make logical sense.
We obeyed when friends thought we ‘missed God’.
We obeyed and now our greatest reward is that we’re right where God would have us to be.
Perfectly nestled in His will.
We’re ruined for anything less.

To be continued…