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When God Gets Your Attention

When we started on this journey in business, marriage and just plain ‘ole life- we didn’t imagine we would be at THIS crossroad, right now.

We always planned for it to go differently.

But we believe in God’s sovereignty and ability to make bitter seasons sweet.

Over the years we’ve been pretty transient with our business (just how we live it actually).

Today we are in a pretty large pivot and making a clearer distinction between who we are today and who we used to be.

Before, we were hesitant to ‘go first’. We constantly second-guessed ourselves which hampered our freedom to simply enjoy the journey..that’s the goal.

We’ve always imagined that by this time in life that we would be living in a different state, maybe even a different Country.
We also imagined by now we would have a few little ones (or bigger ones in our tribe). Yet, at the same time, we often wonder how we would have been able to do what we’ve done with little ones- our life has been crazy and a bit unsettling (even for us at times).

While we’re finally appearing to find a ‘calm’ season, we’ve gotten multiple requests (from parents) to adopt their children.  All this in a very short time span.

In the past, we would have paused and possibly turned down the offer, but God has a funny way of allowing our live’s to unfold in such a way that our only response has been ‘God’s will be done’.

After ten years of marriage, we’re finally at the place of not trying to create our story the way we always envisioned it, but yet instead allow it to unfold as He would desire.

So, stay tuned on our crazy entrepreneurial life journey…

It’s about to get a bit more interesting…

We have so many questions about the process and how we will actually raise little ones in real time, like right now.

We have a lot of questions and very few answers.

Believe it or not, I feel like we’re finally at the place we’ve always wanted to be.

Totally resting in God’s plan.

Stay tuned for how this new chapter unfolds.



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