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These 3 will make you both happy

Ever notice how everything seems to be an emergency?

Entrepreneurship demands the best from us.  Marriage demands the best from us.  As  Marriedpreneurs, we have so many things vying for our attention. 

Truly successful entrepreneurs practice certain habits. Truly successful marriages practice proven principles. We’ve discovered three keys principles that will help you to have a profitable business and a peaceful marriage. Every skyscraper began with a well thought out foundation.

In fact, the height of a tall building, monument, or machine are all built on solid foundation.

Foundations matter. Without a solid foundation anything you put on it will develop structural problems and cause major damage. It’s never too late to repair or reset.

1st Principle: Never make assumptions and always communicate. Whenever we make assumptions about our spouse, business team, or clients needs-we run the risk of getting it wrong. Often times, others will feel taken for granted and this will compromise moral.

2nd Principle: Strategize and strategize again. Businesses fail due to not having a clear plan with specific details and definitive roles. Establish a plan that both of you clearly understand and agree on. Get your spouse’s buy-in/agreement before beginning. Make sure both of you are involved in the creation of the plan. Each person will need to feel a sense of ownership in order to give their 100% effort. Don’t forget to revisit the plan and constantly make adjustments.

3rd Principle: Be married to each other and not the business. I shouldn’t have to say this but as entrepreneurs we can be vulnerable to becoming workaholics and forget what’s most important. Your business can never listen, console, and love your like your spouse. Make time for one another and be offensive (proactive) about dating. That emotional connection will serve you well when tackling the unpredictable challenges of building a profitable business.

Make prayer a priority and be gracious to each other.

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