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The Three Benefits of Friction For Married Entrepreneurs

Marriage is not easy, yep, we know this!

On top of it, business presents its own unique set of challenges, yep-we know this too!

Recently, Sway and I experienced some intense & passionate discussion.

Actually, we’ve been having those inevitable points of friction lately. I’m talking about the kind of friction where it’s wise to pray before you speak your mind.

You know what I’m talking about?

None of this comes as a shock when we consider the season of unusual transition we’re in.  

Friction between you and your spouse can really impact your peace, productivity, and profitability.

So much has become clear to us lately.  We’ve learned three keys for fixing the friction and converting it into the electricity needed to power your next move!  You need only have the proper perspective 😉

  1. Friction for maturity: Every season is an opportunity for personal growth. The two of you are being challenged in your character and calling. In order to maximize this season-you guys have to be more gracious, merciful, and humble toward each other. Make deliberate actions to truly hear one another and make small character corrections.
  2. Friction for peace: This is a season for resetting your rhythm. Peace is paramount in every situation but especially in your relationship. This season is best used for making adjustments to the way you two communicate. Reaffirm your values to God and what your marriage needs in order to be healthy. Both of you must talk through every point of what is and what isn’t working for you.  The first step to achieving peace is through humility and honesty. Talk your speech be tempered by love.
  3. Friction for power: This is a season for you two to increase in overall effectiveness.  Your marriage has an opportunity to experience fruitfulness like never before. In order to become more powerful, husbands and wives must inquire of God for the overarching purpose their marriage. Why were you two put together? How do you work best together? Who are you two called to during the season? Embrace the friction and make it work for you and not against you.  Friction will charge you up and make you two more powerful if you can grow from it.



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