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The Journey To Our Dream Clients

A few years ago I (Sway) was literally on bedrest because my business was RUNNING my life vs. SUPPORTING my life.

My sweet husband was always so supportive but with our recent transition (i.e. his new entrepreneurial endeavors) I was determined to have his back financially too.

However, I realized pretty quickly that being on bedrest wasn’t a sign of nobility, it was a sign of imbalance.

My priorities were out of order.

I didn’t even know what I really wanted out of my business except I knew I wanted out.

As my husband probed and pressed me to answer his deeper questions about what I really desired, I began to try my hardest to imagine what I wanted.

It was hard.

Like, super hard.

I had been so inundated with chasing and landing the wrong clients that I couldn’t even see past each day.

I was drained.

I started understanding my dream client by defining who wasn’t my dream client (sometimes you have to start there).

Shortly, I began to see what I really wanted in my clients and business.

It consisted of more money, clients that appreciated my business and easy auto pay implementation so I was no longer a bill collector. Those were easy to fix.

However, for a split second, I wondered if everyone would leave me and I wouldn’t have any more clients.

But then I got over that fear when I realized where it got me.

I went for it.

I increased our rates.

Expressed new policies.

Automated all payments.

It was beautiful.

Only one client barked.

But it was too late because I already determined I would be OK.

This week, our business has been going through a similar transition. We’ve been serving on a higher level and to have a higher experience.

I was shocked, but pleased, when my husband and I were reviewing our client accounts and prospects on our whiteboard and he erased a client whom I knew would have been draining but I inwardly fought to keep her.

I knew he was right.

Once again, we would have to make a decision to shed off our ould default settings and find the courage to call others to come up or not come at all.

I’m now smiling knowing that we made the right decision and it will all work out better than intended because we’re solely focused on serving our dream clients.







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