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​​The Halfway Mark, And What To Do About It As Marriedpreneurs

It’s the middle of the 8th month!

Now’s a great time to assess your monthly goals from this month’s marriedpreneur legacy meeting. You can download your free checklist here.

❓Are you where you desire to be in your marriage?

❓In your business?

❓Did you do what you said you would?

❓Or is life happening so swiftly that you can hardly catch your breath?

If that’s you, keep reading. 

There are tons of uncontrollable life throws our way, but there are a few things that we can control. Let’s talk about those quickly.



We can focus on what we desire to focus on. Meaning with all of the different voices and things vying for our attention, we decide where we put it.

The goal is to pre-determine where it will be each day and work to keep it there. Table the others until completed (ideally speaking).

Most times, we can do this but feel other ’emergencies’ are our emergencies.

We can budget our time better: Start tracking how long repetitive tasks take. This way, you can get it down to a science verse, getting lost in time and then wondering where it went…

Keep the vision visible. Your monthly goals for marriage and business are the mile markers for how you want to steward these gifts.

If the targets aren’t visible, how will you know when you’ve hit them?

Get back on track if you’re off: Determine realistically what can be accomplished for the remainder of this month with your current capacities and responsibilities. Another option is to change your capacity by delegating, automating, or eliminating some items on your plate.

It can feel vulnerable when you’re accustomed to doing all the ‘wrong’ things.

But it’s worth it!



Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

If you’re a marriedpreneur seeking support to implement structure into your business strategy, schedule a marriedpreneur success-mapping call here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!