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The Battles We All Face

You’re in some kind of a fight right now.

Even if you don’t realize it, there’s a battle for your attention every second of every day.

We must recognize that we live in a world of distractions and distractions are the nemesis to focus.

As married entrepreneurs, a lack of focus is why individuals, families, corporations, churches, and governments can’t get things done.

I know this sounds like a BOLD claim, but hear me out…

There are 3 kinds of distractions/battles we encounter on a daily basis:


We’re driven by the vision we see in heads.  Each of us has an ideal, a certain way we see things ultimately playing out in marriage and business.   This is your vision for the future. You two will at different times find difficult to agree and stay focused on the agreed vision.  Anything that can fight for your attention and focus. Especially stuff that’s not related to where you two are going.

Rehearse the vision often and talk about how you feel things are progressing as you two move toward it.  Agree to guard your vision from distractions. There’s always a battle for our vision.

Vision is vital.


As married entrepreneurs, it’s important that we keep our affections for what’s most important. Our faith, our marriage, and our commitments.  Every time we give way to distractions we robbing ourselves and the business of productivity. Ultimately, these distractions will lead to low profitability if any.  Engage in scheduled deep work. Deep work is highly focused and uninterrupted work. There’s always a battle for our affections.

Our affections affirm our commitments.


Just while typing this blog to you I was tempted 7 times to check my IG account.  Let’s be honest, it’s hard as heck to stay focused in a sound bite world that uses pics, memes or 140 characters as our attention gets pulled by mobile phone notifications every other second. Remove anything from your workspace that will keep you from doing deep work.  There’s always a battle for our time

Time is elusive.

Have you ever thought you had more time to get somewhere than it actually required?  Have you ever YouTube binged and noticed an hour has gone by? Value is determined by scarcity.  Meaning, the rarer something is the more value it carries.

None of us has any control over how much time we’re allotted in this life.

Your time is of extremely valuable.


Best to you two!

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