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The 3 Kinds of Growth Hacks That Most Marriedpreneurs Neglect

I can recall when my husband got fired from his job and we both knew he should have left well before that point. We were at a crossroads and we sure that he wasn’t supposed to return to ‘work’ as we knew it. He was in a position to start his own business.
He just brokered a major commercial deal on his own and debuted his first book. We had lots of pieces working for us.

We were ready.

Soon after, we started investing in amazing coaches, reading more in-depth business books, attending masterminds and so much more. Anything we could get our hands on that would teach us more, we were there.

We nicknamed ourselves the Workshop Warriors because we were traveling to a training nearly every month.

We were intense!

But even with all of this learning, we realized we were missing a critical piece. This missing piece was actually stunting our growth because we didn’t understand the three main aspects of growth as married entrepreneurs.

This is what we discovered.

The first kind of growth that is foundational for positioning yourself to bring your highest level of efficiency to the table, every day. This is where making daily decisions and being committed to them will help you create personal habits for peak performance.
Some examples are: Peak morning routine, mind framing, revenue-generating activities tracking, etc.

This stage is most effective when personal growth is already being sharpened. This is where best practices are implemented as a team. In this stage, you sync up your areas of focus and daily re-align with your overarching marriedpreneur vision, as a team.
Some examples are: Daily deposits, daily wind-down routine, and protected date nights to name a few.

We all know that the best growth is lasting and sustainable growth. THIS is what sets the exceptional apart from the average. Support tools help to leverage both of your superpowers and strengths. They allow you to be proactive vs. reactive in business and marriage. There are countless tools that offer motivation (especially those days that you just don’t feel motivated). The main benefit is the anchoring that growth tools offer as they help you two create new ‘default settings’.
Some examples are: project management software, syncing calendars, motivational podcasts, etc.

Once we got a clear understanding of this 3 stages of growth, our perspective and productivity changed. Yes, growth is possible without including each of these areas but we’ve found that the highest level of effectiveness and results come when we activate all of them.
If you and your spouse are seeking step by step growth strategies for married entrepreneurs, start with our free roadmap over at You’ll get tons of insight and strategies on how to sync up and grow together in business and in marriage. It’s a win/win

Cheers to growin’,

We invite you to connect with our community of  thriving married entrepreneurs who are implementing our strategies in strengthening their marriage and grow their business.