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S3 Ep30: Success Story with The McGrapths: The Marriedpreneur Operating Systems Transformation

As a marriedpreneur couple, it’s important to be armed with the right tools when it comes to juggling business systems and even in marriage. Without proper tools, you’ll ALWAYS struggle with the limitations of efforts, which can cause stagnation and frustration — kinda like a hamster in a wheel.

This episode features Keith and Carol McGrapth of Shed Light Properties, LLC sharing their drastic transformation experienced in both business and marriage after implementing the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems. Their transparency and rawness offers hope and insight for anyone seeking wisdom on walking out their vision.

Who is this episode for?


This episode is dedicated to Marriedpreneurs who are juggling the many pieces that come with marriage and business and don’t know there’s a better way to streamline and build together, but there is. And we’re going to show you how!


So, here’s exactly what we dive into in episode Season 3 Episode 30 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:


[05:22] – Guest intro, Keith and Carol of Shed Light Properties. 

[08:16] – How Shed Light Properties business model impacts underserved communities 

[10:13] – The life-changing benefits of the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems for the McGrapths

[13:42] – Their biggest struggles before the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems (can you relate?)

[18:50] – The #1 impact of implementing the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems (in marriage &  business)

[29:02] – How the  Marriedpreneur Operating Systems are so effective in their daily lives

[31:49] – Ways to connect with Keith and Carol of Shed Light Properties. 

[33:00] – Learn how to implement these systems in the new FINISH STRONG masterclass

[34:12] – Enjoying the Journey Together: Get practical steps to see traction FAST!


By the time you finish listening to this episode, together with your spouse, you will be inspired by our guests’ — a story from a real-life Marriedpreneur, a couple who struggled with systematizing all the moving pieces and have since implemented proven time-saving, revenue-generating strategies through the Marriedpreneur operating systems. 




This ETJT segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. Here’s one quick-talking point below, but you’ll have to listen in to the full episode to get all of them:


Sit and talk about the importance of having a system in place and the hangups that may be around that thought. Talk about having a specific system tp support those areas of need- Not just a ‘regular’ one which gives you broad and unclear solutions. But rather, a system that is tailor fitted to your needs both in business and married life. What would that look like?  




We know how challenging it is to keep up with staying consistent as we go through different seasons in our marriage, life and business. You can listen to our previous episode “10 Consistency Tools For Inconsistent Marriedpreneurs” to know how to organize your day so that it doesn’t end in regret, how to embrace unexpected changes and be confident in your decision, and how to easily measure growth and support each other as Marriedpreneurs.


Recommended Links From This Episode:


Like Keith and Carol of Shed Light Properties, do you want to build out your systems that will greatly benefit you and your spouse? 

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Here’s to living Purposefully, Powerfully, and Profitably in sync,


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