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S3 Ep 27: The Idea Trap: Daily Execution As Marriedpreneurs

There is no problem if you and your spouse have a lot of business ideas that you want to execute — it is great actually! On the other hand, with all those ideas, what if both of you got stuck in the “thinking” department? When it comes to implementing them, something always seems to hold both of you back.
Amazing business ideas without a clear action plan can lead to wasted time and energy. Don’t worry! This episode will be your ultimate guide on how to get unstuck from the “thinking” department. We will highlight the TWO incredibly effective methods how to achieve the “undivided focus” and finally get to the execution stage.
Who is this episode for?
This episode is dedicated to Marriedpreneurs who find themselves stuck going back and forth between business ideas, and they’re ready to stop that so they can start building a profitable business.
So, here’s exactly what we dive into in episode Season 3 Episode 27 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:
[05:45] – The first step in achieving an undivided focus
[08:16] – The second step in achieving an undivided focus
[12:05] – How to implement right away
By the time you finish listening to this episode, together with your spouse, you will be able to get unstuck from your entrepreneurial decisions and get more clarity about the path that both of you are going to take.
This ETJT segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. Here’s a quick-talking point below, but you’ll have to listen in to the episode to get all of them:
Discuss with your spouse – ask one another, “how committed are we about the path that we are going to take?”. This question will help you gauge the commitment level of one another and will you recalibrate and readjust.
This episode is a continuation of the previous episode “Elon Musk’s Business Strategy: What Marriedpreneurs Can Learn From It”.. We highly suggest listening first to that episode to fully grasped the methods on how to finally get into the execution department.
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Are you seeking a way to build out your systems that will greatly help you and your spouse in having the ultimate way to get unstuck with the execution department?
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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,