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S3 Ep 26: Elon Musk’s Business Strategy: What Marriedpreneurs Can Learn From It

Did you know that multitasking is a trap? Yes, you heard it right. Based on studies, it creates what scientists call Cognitive Load, which means your brain is so preoccupied with the task at hand that you can’t think clearly, even though you’re doing more than one thing at once.
It often is so ingrained in our minds that some – if not many – do not realize how it affects their productivity. What you may consider a small amount can add up to huge losses in the end.
Through this episode, we will guide you to get out of this trap and to finally get unstuck from the execution stage of your Marriedpreneur journey.
Who is this episode for?
This episode is dedicated to Marriedpreneurs who feel stuck in the execution department severely and they are wanting to get unstuck, ultimately, to move forward.
So, here’s exactly what we dive into on episode Season 3 Episode 26 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:
00:01 – Is having multiple business ideas good or bad?
04:44 – Is multitasking is really that impactful?
07:03 – Elon Musk:  a zoom-out approach to his entrepreneurial journey.
09:59 – The first glaring sign: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
11:48 – The second glaring sign: Divided Focus
12:57 – The third glaring sign: Idea lala land
15:49  – The Enjoying This Journey Together Segment.
By the time you finish listening to this episode, you will be able to have the courage to have a singular focus and a laser-point strategy for your Marriedpreneur journey. .
This ETJT segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. Here’s a quick-talking point below, but you’ll have to listen in to the episode to get all of them:
Discuss with your spouse – With these three glaring signs in mind, how are we able to have the clarity and courage to have a singular focus and a laser-point strategy to get unstuck and to move forward?
Did you know that the riches are in the niches? Yes, it’s true! It’s also one of the reasons why we ask you to focus and to  have an undivided focus and build one business at a time. You can also listen to our previous episode “Niche Down, Sales Up” to get simple examples of how to get super niche regardless of your industry or business model.
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Are you seeking a way to build out your systems that will greatly help you and your spouse in having the ultimate way to get unstuck with the execution department?
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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,