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S3 Ep 23: 7 Tips for a Successful Married Entrepreneur Relationship (The Six-Month Check In…)

Marriage is a voyage into uncharted territories. Over the years, you will cross numerous streams and rivers as a couple. These rivers are not fordable; they require guidance to cross them safely. But the need for direction doesn’t end once you have settled down on the shore, because marriage is like an expedition; it takes time to establish the right pace and rhythm of life.

There is a saying that “it takes two to tango”, isn’t there? A successful Marriedpreneur relationship requires planning — not just regular planning but a successful and effective one. This is why we created this episode.


Who is this episode for?

To all Marriedpreneur who are wanting to recalibrate and still reach their annual goals, but they just don’t know how. 

When we first started this process of planning out our year, those first couple of years were really challenging and bulky. It was not smooth sailing at all. 


And that’s why we’re here doing this episode to really save you all that experience. Here are the 7 things to consider when planning:

  1. Don’t be overly ambitious
  2. Be realistic
  3. Being aware of how long things take and being consistent
  4. Be more strategically and more wisely about how much time are things going to take
  5. Realize that it takes time to do things well
  6. Keep it simple
  7. Do not overcomplicate anything that does not need to be complicated


Moreover, you should ensure that your marriage is in good shape before planning your business journey. Here are the 8 key questions to ask when it comes to your checklists for the Six-Month Check In checklist concerning marriage and business relationship.

  1. Review how the marriage is going.
  2. Asking one another — how are you changing? 
  3. How can I support you? 
  4. How are you feeling about our marriage in relation to the business?


Here are on the business side:


  1. Discuss the overview of your annual legacy (goals, tasks, and projects, etc.).
  2. The business support (talking about the individual team members) — do you feel supported in the business? 
  3. The project management system — does that support you in the overall vision of what you are doing for this year in business?
  4. Tying it into your your financials



After talking about these important questions, let’s get to the practical things and ask “What is the actual goal now?”. By asking this question, it will help you bring in all the moving pieces to streamline what it is that you all are designed to do by the end of the year, 


By effectively planning things together, here are the top 5 lessons that we’ve learned over these 10 years of doing this type of work:


  1. Humble ourselves
  2. Putting our trust in God as we plan
  3. The importance of not just simply writing the vision and making plan
  4. Being consistent and constant to the vision —  to keep the vision visible and keeping the vision visible which will allow you to tweak along the way
  5. To keep us in focus and bring us right back on track 


So, here’s exactly what we dive into on episode Season 3 Episode 24 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:


  • What is a Six-Month Check In checklist? 
  • The 7 things to consider when planning.
  • The 8 key questions to ask when it comes to your checklists for the Six-Month Check In checklist concerning marriage and business relationship.
  • The top 5 lessons that we’ve learned over these 10 years of doing this type of work.


By the time you finish listening to this episode, you will be able to simplify what’s going to help you get there and remove those things that are stopping you from getting there.




This ETJT segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. Here’s a quick-talking point below, but you’ll have to listen in to the episode to get all of them:


Discuss with your spouse – How can the apps & tools we shared in this episode help you two streamline your daily processes?



Now, head over to the Marriage + Entrepreneurship Facebook group to join the convo!


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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,