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S3 Ep 16 : The Worry Remedy

Anxiety and fear is a part of the human walk of life and we as marriedpreneurs are not immune to such feelings. In this episode we are tackling this area of our lives as marriedpreneurs building a legacy. We discuss our thought patterns surrounding worrying, fear & anxiety, as well as why it is important to be mindful and be equipped against these silent enemies. 

So, here’s exactly what I dive into on episode Season 3 Episode 16 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast:

  • How to be wholistically well as marriedpreneurs when building a business becomes stressful
  • How to equip ourselves against fear and anxiety (hint: it’s a daily practice to do this)
  • The remedy against worrying, anxiety and fear (it’s simple, but it isn’t always easy)

By the time you finish listening to this episode, you will be given methods to combat fear and anxiety to renew your mind on a daily basis…and WIN!


This ETJT segment is to position you guys to easily implement the principles shared in the main segment of this episode. Here’s a quick talking point below, but you’ll have to listen in to the episode to get all of them:

  • Say a prayer to cast away feelings of anxiety or worry

If you’re wanting even more goodness around this topic, be sure to listen to: 

S3 Ep 2: Trusting God as Business Builders 


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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,


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