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S u s t a i n e d Success is intentional and NEVER by accident!

S u s t a i n e d Success is intentional and NEVER by accident!

The SAME truth applies to winning in a marriage + business life!

Marriage is beautiful but can also be challenging! (& adding business to the mix can strain the relationship if you aren’t using the right systems to protect your marriage while scaling the business- but that’s for another post).

Regardless if it’s just you in business or it’s you two equally invested in the business, your marriage WILL be impacted by the business. Amen, somebody?

This faith walk can be exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time but we personally wouldn’t have it any other way!

Can you identify with any of the 3 Marriedpreneur types?

➡️SPOUSAL-preneur: Only 1 spouse is an entrepreneur in the marriage.

➡️INDIE-preneur: Both spouses are entrepreneurs but you run your individual and distinct businesses.

➡️COUPLE-preneur: You two run a business together.

We’ve actually been in ALL three since we’ve been married! (We’re currently in both the INDIE and COUPLE mode. It takes work! But it’s WORTH it!

Which space are you guys in? SPOUSAL-preneur, INDIE-preneur or COUPLE-preneur?

Drop it in the comments below!