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Quarterly Meetings Saved Our Marriage…

We were tired of being disappointed and frustrated with our lack of progress.

We started doing quarterly check-ins because we realized by the time we reached the end of the year, we totally drifted from our ORIGINAL goal. 

The only way to break this cycle was to track our progress THROUGHOUT the year and tweak it as we went along.

It was a bit rough when we started but the benefits far out weight the discipline of consistency.

We wanted to take you guys behind the scene of our quarterly Marriedpreneur Meeting (this is a portion of it). It keeps us on track and in profit!💰

Here’e how we refocus:
📖 MARRIAGE GOALS: What do we want our marriage to look like? Are we following what we desire? Are we protecting our date nights?
📖 BUSINESS GOALS Pretty straight forward but, what role do we need to play in this upcoming quarter in order to meet our goals? Roles often change as responsibilities and new discoveries arise. So don’t overlook this. 
📖ELIMINATE: Be O.K. with eliminating antiquated systems, tasks you no longer need to do, non-revenue generating time wasters, etc. we could go on…
📖 IMPLEMENT: Discuss what’s working and what new things you want to implement to streamline time and profit. try new things. This is how you keep growing.
📖UPDATE: Calendars need syncing and re-syncing otherwise, stuff doesn’t get done (especially NEW stuff!). Whip out those calendars and schedule how and when you will implement or streamline your schedule.
📖EQUIP YOUR TEAM: Whether you have a part-time VA or a staff of 20, one of the easiest ways to waste time is to fail to include them with your business tweaks and how it will impact their roles
📖DON’T BE TOO BUSY TO CHANGE: One of the BIGGEST false beliefs marriedpreneurs fight is a lack of time. But it’s really about prioritizing and implementing systems because we ALL have the same 24 hours…
We hope these practical steps will be beneficial to you guys as you plan for your new quarter and TAKE OFF!!