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Pros & Cons of Building With A Visionary Spouse, & How To Fix It

The other day we spoke with a couple building two different businesses. Their marriedpreneur type is indie-preneurs (where both spouses build individual/separate businesses).

Indie-preneur couples have a unique challenge because their focus is divided between building their business and supporting their spouse as they build.

That looks different for each couple based on their capacity, capabilities, and the level of their systems.

One of the biggest challenges for indie-preneurs is often around gaining momentum and keeping it. This is where clarity and communication come into play more than ever.

The challenge intensifies, especially when one spouse is a strong visionary and an entrepreneur.

Visionary gets a great rep-and it should. However, as a visionary, there are red flags to look out for that will delay or deter that vision from coming to fruition.



Back to the couple mentioned earlier, the wife is an established business owner seeking to scale, and the husband is launching his business and desires to grow it as well.

But here’s where the hurdle is, the wife explains how frustrating it is to see how her husband has a bright new idea every 3-4 months. So she hesitated about investing in help because she didn’t want to waste time. 

This is a common misnomer.

The fact that her husband is a visionary is brilliant.

But his brilliance needs support to carry it out. This is where accountability and systems come into play.

God has given us all different ways of executing and perceiving for a reason. But when those gifts run wild, without honing, they can do more harm than good. They can bring disappointment and distrust.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!



If you are a visionary (or married to one), consider supporting with a big-picture strategy, milestones and mile markers, and, most importantly, an exit strategy before you start. It will save lots of time, expectations, and headaches. It will also make you money when done right.

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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,