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Which one of you is the perfectionist?  

We’ve noticed this trait in ourselves and many other entrepreneurs too! It’s been problematic many times.  Whether creating content for our businesses, recording a podcast episode or even planning a vacation- we’re driven to perfection.

Being a perfectionist is often a cover for fear and rejection.

Some people never launch or attempt to remix and upgrade their business because of fear.  Instead what they do is procrastinate BEHIND perfection.

Perfection, or what we call perfection, may not be perfection at all.  In fact, it seems to be more of an obsession to meet the approval of others.  Perhaps what we call perfection may even be insecurity disguised as wanting to deliver quality/value.  

I say this because sometimes we’ve delayed starting, launching and publishing our ideas all in the name of ‘being excellent.’  Okay, so what’s progress and does it differ from perfection?

We’ve noticed that progress has been more beneficial to our marriage and business than being obsessed with perfection.

When we first launched Marriedpreneur Life there were a lot of things missing.  A lot of things were not in place. Everything from our messaging, branding and even our unique and defined roles within the business.  All of these are important things we had to work on and work through (and still do).

We both knew what we were good at separately but didn’t know how to put it all together at first.

Imagine how many businesses would’ve never launched if the entrepreneurs waited for everything to be perfect…

Honestly, if I waited for everything to be perfect before proposing to my wife, I’d still be single today.

We’ve learned that done is the new perfect.  This doesn’t mean to not work diligently in order to have a quality marriage and a solid business model that delivers high-quality solutions for your market.

Instead, we’ve discovered that progress (the constant pursuit of improving) actually brings us closer to ‘perfection’ than where we were yesterday.

And yes, that’s good enough for today.  

Start and be obsessed with progressing as you go.

If you two are seeking a more effective way to gel your strengths, systemize your day and get more done in less time we can help!



Set up a discovery call with us to walk you through our Marriedprenuer Systems Assessment. You’ll walk away with laser clarity, focus, and understanding of next steps…just like that. Connect with us here.