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Overcoming Consistent Disappointment

For the last few years, we’ve been traveling from workshop to workshop. (We called ourselves workshop warriors…that’s how crazy it was.)

We knew that there was something more we had to offer the world but just needed the system to make it happen.

We knew we wanted to help people but weren’t clear as to WHAT we would offer and to exactly whom we would offer it to. We felt that between the two of us there were so many options we could offer and there were so many different needs our market needed.

We decided to start with the first thing we came up with.
It flopped.
Then we tried something different.
That one did a little better.

Each time we learned something new and became even more clear than the last time.
The epiphany was that we knew every failure brought us closer to our goal. The plan was to keep putting consistent effort in order to get better and better at our skill.

The issue arose when we didn’t see the results we hoped for as soon as we hoped for them. Even though, in our heads, we knew we just needed to persist. But the constant disappointments began to wear us down…even though we KNEW it was a part of the journey.

Our perspective began to change when we heard how many times Russell Brunson failed and nearly went bankrupt. All while, he kept perfecting his pitch, skill and messaging. Our stakes aren’t nearly as high as his were at the time. Believe it or not, we actually got encouraged as a result of his back-against-the-wall kind of stories.

This is why we’re sharing this one right now, we know that although we are all at different levels in our journey, we can all use some encouragement to simply keep going.

We definitely aren’t where we’re headed but we’ve grown tremendously since we’ve started on this entrepreneurial journey.

Our message is clearer.
Our hearts are more confident.

If that’s you, allow this brief write up to encourage you. The hard times are simply a part of the process.

Be encouraged,







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