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Marriedpreneur Lessons from Nathan & Jaime: Road To A Billion

We met Jaime and Nathan at a business coaching event a few years ago.

What intrigued us was their humble demeanor, easy to connect with. They have been guests on our podcast numerous times and are constantly dropping gems!

So today, we want to introduce you to friends and family in the faith community who have tons of lessons to glean from as they are on their road to a billion.

Jaime was a banker and prayed that God would give her a million-dollar business. Her husband Nathan was a teacher and in total support of her new business.

She quit her job and spent years growing a skincare business, starting with a bar of soap that heals eczema. Over the last 10+ years, the company has flourished to multiple seven figures, and now they are on their journey to a billion-dollar business.

Jaime is the CEO, and Nathan is the COO (for now). His real desire isn’t in business but in ministry. However, he sees what God is doing through his wife and their family, and he stands in as the COO in this season.

Today, Jaime has transformed her business into an MLM social selling company that has the potential to reach more than ever before.

To think she started with ONE bar of soap after learning about natural remedies and herbs that heal the body. She often shares how she failed chemistry in high school, and today, she has her lab and warehouse for shipping.

Here are some gems from this amazing couple:

  • They have different callings but the same team. They know their lanes and stick to them.
  • Work Ethic. Starting with one bar of soap selling door to door at stores and farmers markets for years has given great insight and fast feedback.
  • Persistence: Even when business was slow, they kept the main goal in mind to build. Just because God answers doesn’t mean it’s a baked cake. Most times, you have to bake it with what He gives.


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Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,