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💍Marriage, Money and How To Make Them Work.

It’s hard enough managing the finances 💳 for just one person.

It takes even more self-discipline to do it well in marriage. Both of you have different mindsets and habits.

Perhaps, you made a ton of money mistakes while single and then genuinely desired to make a change just before you got married.

It’s easier to turn a small boat 🚣🏻‍♂️ around than a large 🚢.

the reality is that neither one of you is perfect and both of you can find some area to tighten up fiscally.

Here are FIVE master keys to making money work in your marriage.

☝️Have open and honest discussion about what saw and learned about money while growing up and how that shaped your money values as an adult.

☝️Clearly, define the difference between a must-have and a nice -to have

☝️Have an open and honest discussion about your overall financial goals…(paying off debt, saving for future purchases, passion for investing etc..)

☝️Discuss weekly what it takes to reach those goals and put a real action plan in place.

☝️Create an easy to follow a budget that has miles markers aiming your family towards the financial you agree on.

✨Assuming you and your spouse share the same 💵goals and just leave things up to chance won’t work.

By not being proactive and discussing these matters you will ensure more frustration and ultimately failure.

Also, by not discussing your past financial mistakes or successes, you leave your spouse out of some very valuable information that could help them have greater empathy and sensitivity when having these money talks.

Have the tough conversation and watch how things get easier.


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