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If You’re Still Breathing, You Have Time

Last night, we sat on our living room floor to number our days…

Many couples in business struggle with time guilt. Being that they feel bad for, believing they don’t have enough time.

According to, six common reasons people run out of time are:

  1. You Don’t Wake Up Early
  2. You Multitask
  3. You Don’t Practice Time Management
  4. You Aren’t Getting Enough Rest
  5. You’re Too Concerned With Time
  6. You’re Pessimistic
  7. You’re Too Engrossed in Your Work

These are quite a few valid reasons we can run out of time.

But does that really mean there is never enough time to do everything we ‘need’ to do?

One on hand, YES, correct.



We don’t have enough time to do EVERYTHING we want, but we DO have enough time to do what we’re CALLED to do! That means there are things we occupy ourselves with that steal precious time away from the priorities of today.

These seven reasons are valid, but the truth is, even if you did all of these perfectly, it wouldn’t give space to everything we WANT to do right now.


Because we’re not called to do everything we WANT to do right now, it’s a hard pill, but it’s the truth.

This means that we have to have a greater dependency on God to know exactly what is most important NOW. (Which may have been different last month).

That kind of wisdom and clarity only comes from the One who created time. Our job is to steward it well and to number our days…


Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

One way we do this is through our routine Marriedpreneur Legacy Meetings. They have a way of bringing clarity and accountability to the forefront. If you haven’t gotten your free legacy meeting download, now’s your chance! Grab yours RIGHT HERE.

If you already have one, here’s your gentle (yet firm) reminder to USE it NOW!

If you’re breathing, you still have time!

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,