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How To Rekindle Friendship When Your Spouse Is Your Business Partner

Proximity doesn’t mean intimacy.

If your life is anything like ours, we are usually together (or in close proximity). It’s easy to become reactive to the needs around us, client care, replying to emails, business launches, household items, and the list goes on. ūü™ę

There was a season as newlyweds when we didn’t apply sound boundaries to protect our marriage as we built the business. As a result, we paid for it greatly. It nearly broke us. But we got back on track through God’s grace and wise counsel.

During that season, we were living like roommates instead of soulmates. We were like two ships passing in the night. We no longer knew each other as we grew apart; we were only a shell of who we once knew.

We worked to relearn one another and not revisit that place. Here are some business practices we implemented to keep going in the right direction.



We recently caught up at one of our new favorite coffee shops in Verona. It’s quaint, quiet, and peaceful. That’s just how we like it.

In addition to taking time like this in the middle of the day, we also employ otherwise practices. They are:

  1. Weekly date nights: Datenights are our time to check in and learn new things about each other or be together. We work to build on our friendship during this time more than anything.
  2. Backup date nights: Because life happens, we need to have a backup date in the event we made a poor decision with our time on date day or something out of our control, and we need a do-over (this is called grace)
  3. No business talk on dates:¬†We hold ourselves accountable so that date nights don’t turn into work nights. We call each other out if we do it. It’s hilarious, and it works.
  4. Commit to a STOPING time:¬†During our legacy meeting, the best days when we have the most time freedom are when we hold ourselves accountable to stop work at a specific time. It’s not fail-proof, but it puts the fire under us!
  5. Switch up work environment:¬†We recently started working from different locations, adding a freshness to work and each other. It’s a small change that makes a significant change.


ūüí•Bonusūüí•: Daily Legacy Meetings:¬†Daily legacy meetings keep everything on track and remind us how we can serve each other better daily. We require different things based on our emotional and spiritual needs. These check-ins are game-changers!

Friendship must be the foundation of any healthy marriage and even more if you’re in business. If you’re not doing a daily legacy meeting, you can start with our¬†free marriedpreneur checklist here!

We’re rootin’ for you!