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Three Secrets To Making More Money As A Team

Since both of you are super talented you guys can bring in more than enough income to enhance financial stability. Just imagine when the two of you are at operating at peak performance – you guys could blow the roof off!

👉Serve more people.
👉Innovate more ideas.
👉Stretch any perceived limitations.

Your mind is expanding with new knowledge.
Your schedule is less hectic as you reclaim your time.

The success of your marriage and business ideas will only flourish as the two of you flourish. Growth is always intentional.

Here are 3 Ways To Make More Money As A Team:

1. 🔎 EXAMINE YOUR COLLECTIVE NETWORK: Do both of you have a working knowledge of who the other person knows? Spend some time scrolling through your phone contacts and business cards. Talk about where certain contacts are from, how you met them and what industry do they work in. You’re bound to uncover gold!

2. 🔎 EXAMINE YOUR STRENGTHS: What new skills have you recently acquired? What talents have you two allowed to go dormant? Begin to set actionable goals to reignite those talents and abilities as you hold each other accountable. Lastly, identify synergistic angles between your individual talents and package them to be marketed.

3. 🔎 EXAMINE AND UPDATE YOUR EXPECTATIONS: Often times, our goals and expectations become stale, repressed or lost. The same happens with talent and that edge we all need to be effective. Put your pens to paper or fingers to keys and talk through a 90-day action plan. Convene to re-engage your dreams and past visions. Set mile markers for each week over the next 3 months. Make a daily schedule that lines up accordingly and begins motioning toward those goals.

This all will come down to EXECUTION.


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