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How to Forgive Quickly

We had an early morning flight out to TN for the Funnel Hacking Live event. We arrived at the airport to discover two things:

  • I didn’t have my I.D. or wallet
  • We didn’t have reservations for that day but instead for the same day the next month

At that moment we had a couple of decisions to make.

The obvious one was to figure out how we were going to still make it to the leading marketing event in the industry! Being at the event wasn’t some self-serving ambition for us.

Here’s our thought process.

We knew that by attending FHL, we could accelerate our strategy for teaching married coaches and married entrepreneurs to build their businesses online and impact more lives. By helping them skyrocket their impact online, we ultimately would be helping more marriages win exponentially!!

But before we even got to a chance to answer the question about how we were still going to make it to Nashville for a FHL, we would first have to answer this question, “How are we going to respond 1)1o each other 2) to the situation?”

This split second decision would determine how the rest of this chapter would play out.

Thankfully, we decided to focus on the MAIN goal! (which was to get to FHL!)

We immediately put our egos aside.

We apologized for the part we each played in the day (me forgetting my wallet in my other purse and my husband booking our flights for the wrong month).

We were both humbled.

After researching the prices for other tickets (since the airline wasn’t budging on changing our itinerary) we joked about renting a car and making the 13-hour road trip…but that joke started to look more and more tempting after we checked those rental rates.

We opted to go for it!

During that road trip, we got a chance to actually have more real conversations, dream about our goals, and strategize our next steps together. Although it wasn’t what we initially planned, quickly forgiving each other gave us a beautiful gift…perception.

We realized that this was a small thing in the big scheme of life and our overall goal!

We are both so determined to help married entrepreneurs and marriage coaches reach more clients and have more impact that we couldn’t afford to get sidetracked by these hiccups.

We want to encourage you as well!

Whatever you two are called to do, don’t allow the obstacles to take your focus and zap your energy! There are too many people waiting for your message!!

Stay connected and see what happens next on this crazy journey over at

Blessings and Abundance,


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