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Productive While Spouse Travelling

My wife went out of town a few days ago. Even though we were set to meet up in a different city later this week, it was tough. There were still things that needed to get done pertaining to the home-front. We had bills to be pay, calls to make, and errands to run: most of which fell squarely on one person’s shoulder.

Managing your marriage and home duties are never easy.

This is why Sway and I use TAEC METHOD. The TAEC method is super simple but not easy. I mean it’s simple to grasp but not easy to implement.


First, you two have to be proactive and we all know that being proactive works best when we’re consistent. Secondly, you two must be on the same page. Again, not easy to do but equally important.

Finally, you two have to move ego aside and one of you can’t act like the boss of the other person.

Nothing can grow when pride is at the root.

So here’s the TAEC:

TALK THROUGH THE PROCESS: Whatever bills, errands, meetings or following up that need to take place, talk about it! Talk with a calendar in front of you make sure you discuss any and all unique nuances to each tasks. Often times, there’s something unique to a specific tasks that’s known by the person who executes it the most. Make sure you share that with them. Your spouse doesn’t live in your head. Even if they think they do…lol

ASSIGN SPECIFIC TASKS: Divide up the assignments and make sure each person has the details needed or completion. In other words, assume nothing.

EXECUTE WITH A TIMELINE: You simply need to do it now! Don’t delay because your spouse is out of town and you feel like you could use a break. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Make this your motto- to do it now. Yes, do it now. Do it now. By putting things off, we increase the probability of them not getting done. Also, if you give yourself a timeline with a contingency, you’ll safeguard yourself from the inevitable unknown variables that hinder our plans finishing projects .

CONFIRM WHEN COMPLETED: Once the task is complete don’t forget to update your spouse. It’s not about checking in like a preteen attempting to earn the trust of their parents. It’s about accountability, respect and cementing even greater trust with your spouse.


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