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How Rebranding Your Life Is Like Rebranding Your Business

In the coming weeks, you will see a shift in the Marriedpreneur Life brand. It’s time to press the ‘refresh’ button.

Although our core values have not changed, how we express them has. Rebranding is a multi-level process.

There are some obvious signs of rebranding and some not-so-obvious signs.

The obvious signs will be the new color palette and fonts you’ll soon see, but that part is really birthed from our internal clarity of the need for change.

Team BernardsWe knew we needed to first invest significant time in working out the major brand differentiation points and clarifying how we wanted to bring transformation to the lives of other marriedpreneurs. It’s been nearly a decade, and we’re more clear than we’ve ever been!

We didn’t rush it for the best results because it needed to be fully ‘cooked’ before serving it to the market.

As marriedpreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines that in one season truly supported you, but today, you no longer do that.



Here’s how rebranding a business is like rebranding your life.

Like in business, life’s shifting seasons and growth can nudge you to uplevel your presence for where you are going. Without change, there will be frustration and, eventually, emotional atrophy.

Here’s what to do if you feel it’s time for a life rebrand:

Assess: What’s working? What’s exciting to you? What is frustrating you? Talk through this with your spouse.

Dream: What do you want it to look like now? People change, so our goals often shift to, or at least, the means of accomplishing that goal may.

But if we’re drunk off of routine, we don’t stop to dream about making changes.

Make Changes: Ask each other what changes can be made today—one step at a time. Start with the internal changes- they will be rooted in a more meaningful purpose.

Don’t Rush It: Comparing what you think others are doing or comparing it to your own timelines is dangerous. Anything good often takes longer than expected. Don’t rush growth.



Legacy Meetings: Use each other as accountability partners to share and encourage daily through Marriedprenuer Legacy Meetings.

Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

If you need a framework for legacy meetings, start with our marriedpreneur meeting checklist here

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!