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How To Make It Happen in 2019, Together!

The saying that ‘failure is not an option’ is a lie.

The reality is that failure is always an option. We can do things that promote failure or do things that are in line with winning.

Anytime of we fail to plan and strategize a pathway for hitting goals, we’re literally setting ourselves up for failure.

As entrepreneurs, one of our primary jobs is to cast vision and chart a course for hitting goals. No leader/married entrepreneur can afford to not plan a course for winning and planning is integral.

Our planning included at least 2 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS:

An honest discussion about where we stood with our marriage and business
An honest assessment of how we arrived at our current situation (good & bad)

Sway and I have made Q4(usually by November) planning for the upcoming year a habit. That’s not to say that everything we plan for happens and certainly not the way nor in the time frame, we hope. However, we know that failure is almost guaranteed without a plan.

Several years ago on a November evening, Sway and I took out an evening to talk through and write out a strategy for the coming year. In fact, it took more than one evening when first started doing this. There were very specific areas we needed to cover and somethings demanded that we go deep.

It was totally worth it!

While certain things changed and needed tweaking, we still had a functional framework.

If you two make the time to plan for the coming year, you’ll be setting yourself up for a success. If you two fail to plan, you’ll be setting yourself up for frustration and unfulfillment.

Nobody stumbles into accomplishing their goals.
Success is always intentional!

OL & Sway

P.S. As married entrepreneurs, there’s no other way to make more money and successfully blend marriage and business than without planning. It’s a non-negotiable, you two must do it. The real question is how? Sway and I share our quick tips for working powerfully in-sync is this FREE PDF download.

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