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How 2 Can Be So Different!

What if we started this blog off by asking, so, (NAME) what did you eat this weekend?

You would probably think what does that has to do with marriage or business.

Well, if you dined out this weekend it could have a great deal to do with your marriage and business. Your experiences will teach you so much about business and how to win as an entrepreneur.  

How you and your spouse can win as a team.

This weekend was almost routine for us.

It was almost as predictable as a lot of other weekends.  

We went to see George and have lunch on Sunday. George owns a Diner in New York. Can you guess what the name of the diner?

Bam! You got it. George’s Diner…;-)

I’ll admit, not the most creative name in the restaurant space but his diner is well known and loved by many. We’ve been there many times before and so this past weekend wouldn’t have been any different.

Just so you know, George’s diner in never not busy. However, this past weekend it was super busy.  People waiting to be seated stood out of the door and onto the sidewalk.  Customers were spilling out of the door like people waiting in line for free money.

People willing to wait and experience
your product or service is a sign
marketing and branding are on all point.

It was so busy we decided to go the diner just a few doors down. Let’s call the place Skyblue Eatery. There were so few people in this eatery they were able to seat us immediately.  It was kinda funny as multiple servers were chomping at the bit to help us and we couldn’t step foot into George’s.

The food was average and our overall experience was okay. What I mean is nothing really stood out. Ah ha! That’s the problem…nothing stood out. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about this place.

As far as diners go, the system George is using at his place really works! His brand is the stuff legends are made of. As we ate our food we discussed the various the differences noticed.

Check this out…We fine-tuned it to a few key things. In fact, you should make these three principles a key fixture in your businesses and you will see customers/clients lined up for you to pay you money for the impact you deliver.

  1. YOU SET THE CULTURE: George has such a presence that whether he’s there or not (and most of the time he is), he’s set the atmosphere and culture.
  2. YOU EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE: George’s quality of leadership is evident in his staff.  He’s empowered his people to make reasonable decisions and yet he stays engaged.
  3. YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS: George has mastered the “Cheers” effect.  Do you recall the show Cheers? In the theme song, the lyrics say, You wanna go where everyone knows your name…” George knows his customers. He serves, cooks, and will even shoot the breeze for a few with his community. That’s it…George has built community. Community converts. It converts into sales and referrals. As basic as it may be, these 3 keys work.

Take some cues from George and the next time you guys are out eating-make some mental notes. Look for best practices you can incorporate into your business.


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