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Greasy Communication…ya’ll need it!

Arguments suck!

I mean arguing on television can be very entertaining especially on sitcoms. Hey, that reminds me, did you ever watch shows like Three’s Company, Diff’rent Strokes, or Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Nearly every episode was based around miscommunication, misunderstandings, and assumptions.

Think about it, how many times did Mr. Furley (Landlord on Three’s Company) overhear something between Jack and Chrissy that was totally taken out of context?

Or how about Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman from Diff’frent Strokes) overhears a conversation between Mr. Drummond and somebody that ultimately would get twisted into a racial overtone?

Can you recall any episode where Uncle Phil (the head of the household on Fresh Prince) would make a statement that would offend Will? Of course, the whole show would be one big misunderstanding until Uncle Phil realized Will misinterpreted his comments and corrected it.

How does this help you two in your marriage and in your business? As a rule of thumb, we ALWAYS encourage married couples to NEVER use statements of absolute i.e. always and never. These are two of the most counterproductive terms when communicating with your spouse about your spouse.

NEVER make assumptions without asking good questions.

NEVER allow your thoughts to speak for the other person.

NEVER fake listening only to premeditate your next reply. Actually, listen.

ALWAYS start your response off with “If I’m understanding you correctly…”

ALWAYS let your spouse explain their point without rehearsing what you “think” they meant.

ALWAYS listen as if you don’t know what they’re going to say. Otherwise, we listen arrogantly and while we may be right we’ll reply in a way that’s defensive.

One of my favorite scriptures is James 1:19 Therefore, let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger-for the anger of humans does bring forth God’s righteousness.

This is critical to your success in business and more importantly your success in marriage.


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