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Fixing Friction between Husband & Wife

Friction in my marriage impacted my peace, productivity, AND profitability in my business.

Although it didn’t feel good, friction was a good teacher. 😉
Friction taught me maturity and personal growth.
Growth challenged my character and calling.
Maximum growth meant I needed to be more gracious, merciful, & humble.
I began making deliberate actions to truly hear him.

Friction taught me about peace.
Friction meant I had to reset my rhythm.
Something had to change.
Peace is paramount in every situation but especially in marriage.
I changed the way I communicated with my husband.
We started talking through what was and what wasn’t working for us.
Peace started to return with the return of humility and honesty.

Friction brought power.
Through friction our marriage had an opportunity to experience fruitfulness like never before.
We had to hone in on the purpose of our marriage.
We discussed how we work best together.
We made the friction work FOR us.
Friction charged us up and made us more powerful because we grew (and grow) from it.
Trust the process.

Friction can be a frequent guest when you’re building your marriage AND a business.
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Best to you two!

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