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Failure As A Growth Strategy For Marriedpreneurs

You may not be excited about the new week starting depending on how the last week went for you. The feeling of failure can feel like a low blow to the soul. Some are harder to recover from than others. Once you’ve had blow after blow, your efforts may feel futile in that season.

If that’s you, this is for you. If that’s not you, this is for you in the future.

I recall several years ago, before relocating to New Jersey, when we were launching our business consultancy. We worked on having a massive launch.

We invested handsomely in a coach to assist us with the launch.

We hired a graphic designer to ensure our digital assets were top-notch.

Facebook Ads became our newest bestie since we spent so much time learning best practices!

As far as we were concerned, we were good to go!

We believed that we were positioned to win…until we weren’t.



What we weren’t ready for was immense devastation after so many unplanned technical hiccups in our plan. (One big one was that the wrong webinar access link went out to all the registrants so no one was able to attend!).

After so much money, time, and energy was devoted to our cause, seeing no results was heartbreaking.

We didn’t know then that the fortune was in the follow-up.

We were BOTH ready to throw in the towel.

Then, we had a long heart-to-heart with each other and our coach.

This is where the turnaround happened.

The big aha was our perspective. We were charged to list what we learned and implement those lessons.

We went back to the ‘drawing board’ and here’s what we’ve learned in that dark season:



    • Having the RIGHT coach is vital. Our coach encouraged and spoke life, hope, and strategy over us.
    • Failure is never final; it’s the start of being one step closer to your goal.
    • Always give room for something to go awol (this practice creates patience, creativity, and resiliency!)

Those hard seasons have prepared us to overcome much bigger battles today. Our mental dexterity and ‘bounce-back-ability’ is tighter than ever before. We share these lessons to encourage you and your spouse on this crazy marriedpreneur journey.

We’re sharing this because regardless of where you two are, every experience is transferrable. Go ahead and stash these because you will need them along the journey!


In episode 73 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing how we’re managing this season of growth with strategic forms of discipline.

Ep. 73: Real Growth Requires Growing Pains

We’re rootin’ for you!