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Episode 54: You’re Sitting On Gold: Listen THEN Respond

We ran from it for a good year.

We had absolutely no desire to work together as husband and wife in the same business…we preferred to help simply support each other’s own endeavors…

It all started when our clients from both of our businesses (real estate and consulting) asked us to work together to help their entire family.

Guys, we ALMOST missed out on living this part of the dream… all because we didn’t see what others saw- in fact, we were too focused on what we were doing individually to even take it seriously.

So, you may be in the same season, but in Episode #54 we want to share insights that have helped us to listen and respond:

➡️ Avoid the common mistake of leading in with answers, instead, ask questions and listen.

➡️ A simple strategy to hearing what the market is asking for and asking YOU for

➡️ A quick way to know when you should even respond to the market, not every call is to be answered by you

It goes without saying that this episode is gold, especially if you’ve been sleeping on new ways of doing, delivering and performing in business together.

If you haven’t listened Episode #53 The ASK Factor, go take a listen and this will be even more valuable.

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