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Ep. 98: How To know When It’s Time To Scale

Guys, this past season has been a bit hectic.

We initially thought it was because things were happening all at once, but there was more to it. 

Our full plates weren’t something that was going away any time soon. 

It was imperative that we paid attention to the deeper shift happening. 

We prayed. 

We discussed.

We observed. 

Now, It’s time we scale our team so we can be in a position to have a life that is truly enjoyable and not STRESSFUL!

Fulfilling not frustrating

Satisfying not straining.

In episode 98 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing:

> The sure-fire way to know it’s time to scale (note: if you feel like it’s time, its probably PAST time!)
> Three ways we’re finding great talent and coming up with some pretty amazing interviews (this simple strategy is a deal breaker!)
> How we’ve divyed out roles during this whole process (from doing the interview, to referrals, to creating the job descriptions, etc. this thing requires partnership on every level!)

We’re hoping this episode is helpful as you guys create boundaries and align with your BIG vision. 

Listen, we REFUSED to be stressed doing what God called us to do…that’s backward. 

So, let’s make a pact to enjoy the journey together… cool?