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Ep. 97: How we got through a rough transition

If you listened to our last episode (96) we did a run down of the three main categories of marriedpreneurs.

However, what we DID NOT share were those in-between-rough spots when we were transitioning from spousalpreneurs to couplepreneurs. (In short, this happens in a marriage when it starts off with only one entrepreneur and turns into TWO full-time entrepreneurs working together!)

It was a rough season for us to be transparent.

In the end,however, it worked to our advantage (but at the time, we second guessed everything).

Our main goal is to encourage you as you and your spouse may be transitioning as well.

So, in episode 97 of The Marriedpreneur Life podcast, here’s what we’re spilling the beans on:

  • How we made the decision TOGETHER to not return to a 9-5 after being fired from one
  • The one strategy we used to create multiple revenue streams (not because of sheer desire but because of sheer necessity!)
  • How we handled our struggle with roles, responsibilities and lost identity during this sensitive transition… and the communication hack that got us through!

We’re getting pretty raw in this episode. We know that transparency transforms, and that’s what we’re after. 

We’d love to hear where you guys are in your journey and how we can continue to offer support. 

Connect with us over on IG at Marriedpreneur Life 

Until then, keep walking powerfully in sync and in purpose,