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Ep. 96: 3 Types of Marriedpreneurs

Regardless if you’re the only entrepreneur in your marriage, and you feel alone at times, or if you two are down in the trenches together, the business will undoubtedly impact the marriage!

We’ve lived through the three categories of Marriedpreneurship, and each season brings its unique challenges and benefits.

So, in episode 96 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing our story of living through these phases and what to look out for.

We’re covering:

  • How to know which kind of Marriedpreneur you two are in now 
  • The unique benefits of each category of Marriedpreneurship (you may be surprised by some of these- most take them for granted).
  • The biggest challenges we’ve faced in each category, and a simple remedy to overcome it.

You will likely see yourselves in one main category and possibly more than one as you transition and grow.

Our hope is that this episode will further equip and prepare you for your next season. We know how lonely this path can feel, and the truth of the matter is: YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Be encouraged!

We’re rooting for you!

OL and Sway