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Ep. 95: Our New Media Partner And Your Visibility Plan

My mom was on the plane (in the air) when it caught on lie. 

She was the only one who saw it initially. Thankfully, it was on the inside of the plane so it could be quickly contained. 

I was in disbelief when  she recanted the story to me like it was something out of 007 or something…

Well, the point is that SHE was the one to identify, and once she alerted the crew they were able to address it immediately with an extinguisher 

You see, what if the extinguisher was not visible? What if they couldn’t find it? 

What if…


It doesn’t really matter how much value you have to offer if no one knows where you are…right?

In episode 95 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we’re sharing

  • How we recently landed a pretty major media opportunity for FREE and how we will be using it the FULLEST to impact nearly 1.2 million families across the States!
  • The difference between a visibility plan and an actual marketing plan
  • Why you NEED a visibility plan in your business and an easy way to get started

We can’t wait to hear how you enjoy this episode and PUT it to use ASAP!

in the mean time, we’re rooting for you!

OL and Sway