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Ep. 94: Trust Issues- A Wife’s Perspective

As crazy as it may sound, when I married my husband, I did NOT fully trust him. 

But trust is a ‘funny’ thing…

I didn’t have doubts of him being unfaithful, but I DID have other doubts and lacked trust in some other critical areas.

For example, at the time we had two totally different money mindsets and how to create and grow wealth.

Me being an entrepreneur my whole life, I saw things a bit differently, more frugal if you will at times. 

Yes, he’d been in the banking industry for a few years at the time, but I knew the kinds of money decisions he made up until that point, and to be quite frank, I had serious concerns. 

It wasn’t just financial concerns (although, those were there) it was more about my emotional security and us having a clear way to resolve an issue when we vehemently disagreed. 

There was NO way we could have successfully ran ANY kind of business together with at the time with THOSE kind of trust issues. 

Thank God, things have changed (and are still changing for the better!)

We had to woooooork on this stuff for years though…

But, I’m gonna take you behind the scenes today on how we’ve gotten so much growth in marriage and business as a result of a deeper trust with one another! If you guys are working through this right now, there are some staple steps you want to have in place that will ultimately impact the quality of your marriage and your business…facts!

In episode 94 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, I’m sharing:

> A sure sign you may have a trust issue with your spouse and may not even know it and how to fix it in ONEs strategic convo

> The different kinds of trust issues to be aware of and how to shield your marriage from broken trust

> The main way deeper trust impacts how we do business now, even with differences (which is totally normal!)

I hope this episode not only shines some light on trust issues from a wife’s perspective but also equip husbands with tools too!

Let me know over IG stories if it hits home for you!