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Ep. 92: Scarcity Thinking Is More Subtle Thank You Think

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the scarcity vs. abundance thinking. 

and, to be quite frank, it’s a legit thing. 

The thing about scarcity thinking is you don’t realize you have it (on some level) until you are confronted with others who don’t. Scarcity (or limiting beliefs) will do just that..LIMIT your growth. 

It’s like putting a cap on your own potential. 

Crazy, right?

The great thing is, limiting beliefs can in fact become UNlimited beliefs. 

FACTS.  (ask us how we know). 

On episode #92 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we’re not holding back and sharing these tried and true strategies to breakthrough whereEVER you guys are on your journey.

We’re talking about:

> The SURE sign you may have a limiting belief (and you likely don’t even know it). 

> The different ways to confront your spouse’s limiting beliefs based on his/her personality (it makes a huge difference!)

>The NUMBER one way to confront and CHANGE your limiting beliefs to UNlimited beliefs (it’s a process, but it’s soooo worth it)

There’s some LIFE changing content in this episode because these strategies have LITERALLY transformed our marriage, business, communication,  clientele, bank balances, our inner circle and 

…get the point? It’s changed EVERYTHING for us- so we’re sharing this with YOU!

Can’t wait to hear how your life and family is impacted by these simple yet profoundly powerful strategies.

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

OL and Sway