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Ep. 91: It’s Likely You Don’t Even Have A Business If…

My mom taught me how to read a map back in elementary school.

Sway here-

I promise you, she ALWAYS had a map of whatever area we were driving to. 

Long before Mapquest (ya’ll remember that?👀) or Waze , I was her personal compass while she drove. 

It was like some kind of rite of passage for me to know how to read it as she followed my direction. I remember pulling them out a few at a time from the hot glove compartment (it always seemed to be summer time when I was doing the most ‘map reading’ LOL)

Well, she would always tell me first to find where we were located and then find where we were going…without those two, we would be lost…

That’s exactly how it is in business.

We’ve found that so many couples operate at a ‘winging it’ level that it becomes the norm. 

So, there are just a few things that we would say are necessary to have a LEGIT business, and the TOP one is having a STRATEGY, a path for where you are going. 

In episode 91 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re sharing GOLD (again!) about:

  • How to know if your strategy is real or if you’re pasting pieces together
  • How to create clarity for your BIG goal together (and to still crush it even when it doesn’t go as planned)
  • What role your husband and wife personalities play in completing the overall strategy

Yeah, we’re really ‘going there’ in this episode…may step on a few toes but our heart is to see you two win – not just in the end but DURING the journey.

Here’s to living powerfully in sync

OL and Sway

p.s. if you’re not on iTunes, take a listen here or on your fav listening platform