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Ep. 89: Marketing Gets A Bad Rep!

Last night, the hubby and I went over some of the most recent questions we’ve gotten about Marriedpreneur Growth Kit. 

Scrolling through our Facebook group, I stumbled upon the poll I started a few days ago asking people which training download would they like best for the next class release (right now, Marriedpreneur Growth Kit  comes with the Marriedpreneur Map, Marriedpreneur Assessment, Wealth Training Roles and six amazing bonuses to help, and these are available at a discounted bundle price of $97 ‘til Friday evening). 

Polling options were: Two Comma Couples Interviews (7 Figures Systems In Marriage), Communication Styles in Business Assessment for Married Entrepreneurs, or Website/Funnel Audit Checklist.

The results OVERWHELMINGLY voted for our Communication Styles in Business Assessment for Married Entrepreneurs.

And then…we had an idea!
What if…
We surprised all the new Marriedpreneur Growth Kit students with an unadvertised bonus?
That would be cool, right?!
So..that’s what we’re going to do.

We are bundling these 3 downloads — and anyone who’s purchased Marriedpreneur Growth Kit (since it opened on Monday until doors closed on FRIDAY NIGHT at 11 pm EST) — will get the bundled Strategy Downloads…FREE.

Another AMAZING $157 value created with you in mind…just because you’re awesome. We’ll just drop it into your membership account as soon as it releases!

For those of you still unsure if Marriedpreneur Growth Kit is right for you…here’s the list of qualifiers..

  • You are married and in business or desire to be and want to massively build out your legacy for the next generation.
  • You are seeking ways to implement a system that frees your time and automates your regular business tasks (so you can have more income and time to spend with those who matter most).
  • You don’t have a product/service yet, but want one (newsflash, the BEST way to create a profitable product is to actually start with a proven strategy and assessment FIRST).
  • You want to communicate better with your spouse (even if neither of you are in business right now).
  • You want to create a premium business brand with your spouse that sets you two apart with clear messaging and clear strategy.  (Did you know that once you have this clarity you automatically attract your dream clients to you? It changes everything).
  • You’re tired of working with clients who don’t see your value, and you are ready to work with your  DREAM clients. (It all starts with the right mindset,  strategy and messaging!)
  • You want to have clarity about you and your spouse’s  roles in business +marriage as you may be tired of feeling like you’re doing the brunt of the work (it just requires a simple meeting with specific questions- we give you the script!) 
  • You help other couples  build their marriage or business as part of your business (that requires a clear strategy too)
  • You want to learn more about the strategy and psychology of working with your spouse for future business endeavors.
  • You are ready to build multiple revenue streams with your spouse….and do it well. 

Price (and our crazy unadvertised bonus) is going to disappear on Friday night at 11 pm EST. As always, if you have questions – hit us up anywhere – Facebook, Email, IG, etc.

Marriedpreneur Growth Kit

Also, we LOVE to see your results, we love to hear your feedback and are grateful for any shoutouts, shares, or reviews you’d like to give us. Just make sure to tag us so we can see it!

It’s Only Up From Here, 

OL and Sway

Next, go take a listen to how we’re using adding REAL value (not fake value) as a part of our marketing strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to be slimy or disingenuous. In episode #89 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing simple ways you can add REAL value and dream clients to your tribe today! Do all this AFTER you’ve secured your our Marriedpreneur Growth Kit.👀that part.