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Ep. 88: Is Imperfect Action Better Than Perfect Inaction?

Neither OL or I could have anticipated the fulfilling (and at times intense) journey when creating the Marriedpreneur Growth Kit . Wow!

It’s been so much fun to watch couples reply and email us! That’s what we hoped and planned and built it for, but it’s still the best feeling in the world to watch.

Even with all our FAQs on the sales page, we’re still getting lots of questions in our inbox – so I’d like to answer them here in a format that’s easy to read…


1. I am in business but my husband still works a 9-5, will this still work for us?

Yes. Yes. Yes! And here’s why. First, transitioning from a 9-5 to full-time entrepreneurship is done best when you have a system and understanding. (Although, we didn’t have that luxury when we started- but boooy if we did 🙌🏽(the headaches we would’ve dodged…)

The tools in the growth kit are based on the most common questions we have received over the years. From the audio trainings, checklists and downloads, you’ll have tons to glean from, implement your exit strategy together and start building.

2. Neither one of us has started the business yet, but we desire to create one. Is this too advanced for us?

Absolutely not!! And in fact, we’re adding in a bonus specifically for this called: ‘From Idea To Ideal Client’ (it’s actually pretty dope if you two are already in business too!)

3. We have a business but I’m needing more strategies on how to get it all done, what do I do?

The Winning The Day and Marriedpreneur Time Study trainings are the BOMB🔥🔥 for this problem exactly! You’ll be able to fast track your daily productivity, take control of your time and really start focusing on your sweet spots in business- 

4. You said some content is being dripped out. How long until it’s all complete?

We have the core foundational tools now.. Everything will be out by the beginning of August  AND, given it’s a BETA round, if you have questions – hit us up, and we may just add a piece to the growth kit to make sure you’re taken care of.

Marriedpreneur Growth Kit is available at the special $97 price point til Friday , July 12th, 2019.

5. What if only one of us in business and the other doesn’t feel called to business?

We believe if one of you is called to entrepreneurship, the family is called to entrepreneurship because it impacts everrrybody! 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you both will have the same roles, but there is a role that everyone plays. We go over this in the Wealth Roles Training.

6. Will this work if we are in full-time ministry?

Yes. We actually use the same system for structure within in the local church where we serve in leadership.  

7. How long do we have access to the content?

You have access to the content for as long as you need it. Add it to your content library for years to come. Use it to train your staff, stay aligned and focus the vision.

Marriedpreneur Growth Kit is available at the special $97 price point til next Friday, July 12th, 2019.

You’ll learn: 

How To Identify Any ‘Money Holes’ In Your Business Model (that often go undetected)

How To Access Your Marriedpreneur Journey And Re-Align to Your Vision

Communication Styles Within The Business That Work Best For You and Your Spouse

How To ‘Assign’ Wealth Roles To Yourselves and Recalibrate As Seasons Shift 

Closing the Deal

The growth kit will teach all of that to you, plus – with the bonuses you’ll learn things like how to control your time, really enjoy the journey together, how to serve your dream so they constantly refer you to more dream clients – not the headache-y ones we see couples run into over and over.

Marriedpreneur Growth Kit might not have been the best name for this training, because it’s really so much more than a growth kit.. So much more! And you know what? If it’s not what you expected, we offer a money back guarantee.

Last thing! If you didn’t catch the replay of the Facebook OL & I did yesterday, it’s up on our page here –> Watch the Replay We’re still monitoring comments over there as well, and of course, you can always hit reply to this email and we’ll be sure to answer your questions!

Here’s to living in sync,

OL and Sway

P.s. Ok, One MORE last thing, over on today’s podcast Episode #88, we’re sharing how and why imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.