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Ep. 87: What Couples Get Wrong About Business Differences

Working with your spouse in business?

We need to answer a question that we are often asked about working with your spouse when you have business differences. 👀

Here’s the thing:

We used to try to change each other under the pretense of being on the ‘same page’.

But same page doesn’t always have to mean same perspective. More than anything, you want to use your business differences as an advantage and know what things to push for and what things to let be.

That’s the same in any other area in marriage too but for some reason many couples treat differences in business like it’s the end of the road. It isn’t.

Yeah, there are rough patches, but that’s to be worked THROUGH rather than ran away FROM.

All of this ties into the bigger picture of building a lasting legacy together through your business.

We’re tackling this topic on handling business differences on episode 87 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast. Take a listen by searching for Marriedpreneur Life on your favorite listening platform.