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Ep. 83: Weeding out draining clients- it’s not them, it’s you

Burnout is an interesting thing.

Sometimes we get burned out because of the TYPE of clients we choose to work with.

Not all clients/ prospects are created equal.

So, if you’re feeling drained or unfulfilled with your lack of progress,

it’s not them really…it’s you.

As entrepreneurs and leaders, it’s our job to train people how to treat us.  

In episode #83 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re sharing with you the steps that we implement to focus on our DREAM clients (which are way better than your IDEAL client). You’re gonna hear about:

> How our his/hers approach is totally different but still helps us get to our goal as a team

> The real reason why you may be attracting the wrong clients (and don’t even realize it)

This episode is full of practical insight that will boost your confidence and clarify your value.

Check it out, and if it’s helpful, be sure to let us know in a review or in our IG stories. Just tag us at @MarriedpreneurLife

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

OL and Sway

P.S. We’re about to drop something pretty amazing for you two if you’ve been seeking strategy for your next steps to scaling and syncing, get on the VIP wait list to be the first to hear about when it drops.